Questions about product CarpaStretch®:

A big advantage of CarpaStretch® is the simplicity of usage. In just a few days, you will be able to use for longer length of time because of the comfort of wearing it. Most activities can be done while using CarpaStretch®. This enables CarpaStretch® to achieve significant and more sustainable results with moderate stretching forces by wearing it over a longer period of time. CarpaStretch® is unique because of these characteristic features. The success of the independent clinical study prooves our approach.
You can visit our online store. There you will find details of how to select the right size for you.
It is advised not to be too anxious at the beginning of the treatment. Take your time. Start with sessions of 30 – 45 minutes and steadily increase the time of wearing it. 2 sessions a day are sufficient. Just like in sports trying to achieve too much in a short time is not helpful. You should follow your own feeling.
You can start again using it for the time you feel comfortable. You already have earlier experience for adjustment of time.
Similar to  all other tendons in our body, the Carpal Band will shrink again without any exercise. According to our experience CarpaStretch® should be used even after the symptoms disappear. Once a week for 3-4 hours is generally sufficient.
It is recommended to change the pads daily, in order to allow the skin to be exposed to air.
Through due to the hypoallergenic texture of the glue even several days of usage should give you no problem. You may change them according to your individual comfort.
You can clean your CarpaStretch® according to the washing instruction prvided by hand or machine. Please don’t use a dryer – dry at room temperature.
CarpaStretch® is not to be used while doing any activities, where wearing of  gloves is not allowed, especially when working on rotating machines so as to avoid trapping/clamping of the hand with the device.
Safety guidelines of  Health and Safety Departments and/or machine manufacturers and/or suppliers are strictly to be followed.
Yes. Water resistant glues, if used for pads would reduce the breathability of skin. Hence while developing of CarpaStretch® the water resistance of the pads has not been enhanced.

Questions about Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS):

The typical symptoms for CTS is a numb feeling in thumb, index finger, middle finger as well as the inside of the ring finger. The symptoms have to be verified by your doctor or physician who can find out the extend of deterioration of the median nerve of the hand.
By immobilizing the wrist, movements of the hand will be avoided, which cause the numb feeling (mainly at night). Only the symptoms will be treated, but not the root cause.
The doctor / physician should decide, whether any additional medication at the beginning of a therapy is required, especially if there is inflammation.
CarpaStretch® is useful, whenever the symptoms are caused by a tightening of the carpal tunnel. In most cases CarpaStretch® is the appropriate alternative therapy to avoid surgery of cutting the carpal band.
If the median nerve is severely damaged, i.e. the grade of inflammation requires  immediate action, a surgery might be the last resort. This would have to be decided by  the treating doctor / physician.
Please find further information on the "Research“ tab of our website, where medical and scientific literature about CTS is available and treatment alternatives are listed. Here you will also find the results of the independent clinical study on CarpaStretch® therapy.
In addition some useful links are listed for understanding more about CTS.